PO Box 383 - 520 Easton Road, Riegelsville PA 18077

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Prosperity Lodge No. 567 was warranted July 16, 1886 and constituted less than two months later, September 4, 1886.

    Bro. E. Coppe Mitchell, Right Worshipful Grand Master and staff of Grand Officers, leaving Bangor, Pa. arrived in Riegelsville after a ride of some two hours, proceeded to the Lodge room where at High Twelve a new Lodge was constituted to be known as Prosperity Lodge No. 567, F. & A.M.

    Bro. Edward W. Lerch was installed Worshipful Master; Bro. Alex S. Jordan was installed Senior Warden, and Bro. Newton S. Rice was installed Junior Warden.  Fourteen Lodges were represented and after a dinner at Riegelsville Hotel the Grand Lodge Officers left for Philadelphia arriving at 7:30 P.M.

 Charter Members:

James Arthur

Alonzo Nicholas

George Bray

Newton S. Rice

Henry S. Cope

William M. Rapp

Samuel H. Carty

Franklin Ruth

John Hoffman

Benjamin F. Severs

Alexander S. Jordan

Owen Stem

Edward W. Lerch



The Foregoing information was given to our Lodge by Bro. Wm. J. Paterson, who was a former Librarian and Curator of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge, as all records, minutes, and paraphernalia of the Lodge were completely destroyed by a disastrous fire to Hoffman Hall Building on December 16, 1896.  Not being dismayed a meeting of the Lodge was held on December 17, 1896 when Bro. John B. Poore was elected Worshipful Master; Bro. Henry W. Johnson was elected Senior Warden; and Bro. Joseph L. Seiler was elected Junior Warden and duly installed on December 26th, a dispensation having been issued by the Right Worshipful Grand Master authorizing the Lodge to continue its labors until a new warrant was received.  This meeting was held in the G.A.R. Hall, known as the Riegel Building, which was the meeting place of the Lodge until the present  building was constructed in 1986.

Although a 25th Anniversary Committee was appointed, the minutes state that no Anniversary Meeting was held.  Prosperity Lodge, however, did hold a 50th Anniversary Meeting on September 11, 1936, Br. S. Linford Nicholas, Worshipful Master presiding.  Bro. Henry S. Borneman, District Deputy Grand Master, honored the Lodge with his presence as a representative of the Right Worshipful Grand Master.  Eighteen Lodges from the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York were represented.

On September 23, 1961 a 75th Anniversary Dinner was held at the hotel Easton, Easton, Pa.  Bro. Lawrence D. Haas, Worshipful Master presiding.  Bro Albert R. Eisenhower, District Deputy Grand Master honored the occasion with his presence as a representative of the Right Worshipful Grand Master.  The address was given by Br. Robert L. Curry, S.T.M. of Newtown Lodge No. 427.  On September 27, 1967 the Prosperity Lodge No. 567 Masonic Temple Association was formed and on May 12, 1969 a resolution was passed authorizing the purchase of a tract of land consisting of 2.3 acres.  This tract is located at 520 Easton Road, Riegelsville, Pa.  This property was maintained as a vacant lot until May 18, 1986, when Ground Breaking Ceremonies were held for the construction of a Temple.  Bro. Kenneth A. Ott, President of the Masonic Temple Association presiding,  Bro. Bertine B. Steigerwalt, District Deputy Grand Master honored the occasion with his presence as a representative of the Right Worshipful Grand Master.  There were approximately 40 persons in attendance.  Cornerstone Ceremonies were planned for September 1986, at which time photographs of building progress, along with other Lodge paraphernalia will be placed in the cornerstone.

On June 13, 1986 Brothers George H. Gackenbach, P.M., Lester H Weaver, P.M., and Donald B. Kreitz, P.M. offered a resolution that the lodge move its place of meeting to 520 Easton Road, Riegelsville, Pa.  A lodge meeting was held on August 8, 1986 to vote on this resolution.  It was approved and on September 12, 1986, the first stated meeting was held at the new Lodge Building.  There were 47 members present and 9 visitors.  A special meeting of Prosperity Lodge was held on September 13, 1986, to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the lodge.  Earlier in the day the lodge had a cornerstone laying ceremony.  The Right Worshipful Grand Master Brother Carl W. Stenberg, Jr., the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, Brother Arthur J. Kurtz, and many other grand lodge officers were present.  The lodge was filled to capacity.  Additional chairs had to be placed in front of the regular seating.


During World War I seven members of our Lodge served in the U.S. Army.

Bro. Clarence J. Alexander Bro. Clarence Harstine
Bro. Erwin D. Diehl, P.M. Bro. W. V. Gordon Lundie

Bro. Carl W. Fleck

Bro. Scott R. Wagner

Bro. David M. Fluck


 Members of Prosperity Lodge who served in various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II;

Bro. John H. Adams

Bro. Carl F. Koenig, Jr.

Bro. Robert C. Rufe

Bro. Harry L. Burger, P.M.

Bro. Robert L. Kroner

Bro. David R. Smith, P.M.

Bro. Arthur A. Degen

Bro. William A. Luhrs

Bro. Richard H. Snyder

Bro. C. Frederick Dolph

Bro. Charles A. McGrogan

Bro. George M. Stamets, P.M.

Bro. William H. Dull, Jr.

Bro. John E. Melchor, P.M.

Bro. Harry A. Shultz, Jr.
Bro. Francis O. Frace Bro. Franklin E. Miller Bro. Maurice E. Thompson
Bro. George H. Gackenbach, P.M. Bro. John W. Minder Bro. Guy F. Tostevin
Bro. Ellerslie W. R. Helm Bro. Thomas D. Mack Bro. Charles E. Trauger
Bro. Henry Heuer Bro. J. Marcus Nicholas, P.M. Bro. Hiram M. Trauch
Bro. Ward B. Hoch Bro. Roy E. Nimmo, P.M. Bro. Frank H. Walters
Bro. Walter F. Huff, Jr. Bro. Kenneth A. Ott Bro. Lawrence M. Weaver, P.M.
Bro. George A. Kee Bro. David H. Pursell Bro. Woodrow W. Wehrung
Bro. Nelson A. Kiefer, P.M. Bro. Richard R. Riegel Bro. Gurney F. Williams
Bro. Kenneth W. Kreitz Bro. Franklin H. Rinker Bro. Henry J. Winters, Sr.

 Members who served during the Korean Conflict:

Bro. James L. Apple

Bro. Kenneth W. Kreitz

Bro. Montford C. Deemer Bro. William A. Luhrs
Bro. Robert R. Edwards Bro. Frederick J. Ritter, Sr. P.M.
Bro. Richard L. Fair Bro. William H. Sneckenburg
Bro. Robert A. Fink Bro. Richard H. Snyder
Bro. Frederick R. Hitzel, Sr. Bro. Bernard Spigel
Bro. James S. Koch Bro. Robert W. Wolfinger

Members who served during the Vietnam Conflict:

Bro. R. Charles Black

Bro. Frederick J. Ritter, Jr. P.M.

Bro. John J. Collins, III Bro. Thomas H. Seifert
Bro. Glenn F. Dolph Bro. Donald Van Horn
Bro. Robert R. Edwards Bro. Edwin J. Wieder, P.M.
Bro. Gary W. Heintzelman, P.M. Bro. William H. Youells, Sr.
Bro. Donald B. Kreitz, P.M. Bro. Carl L. Young, Jr.
Bro. Eugene R. Lewis, P.M. Bro. John E. Tatu
Bro. James A. Lezzeni, P.M. Bro. James E. Thompson

Two members served during Desert Storm:

Bro. Frederick J. Ritter, Jr. P.M. Bro. James E. Thompson

One Member served during Somalia:

Bro. Ronald G. Balliet, Jr.  

One Member served during Afganistan:

Bro. Carl W. Stokes  

 Living 50 Year Members (01/01/2015):

Bro. Robert L. Kroner Bro. Ralph S Seifert P.M.
Bro. Clarence F. Deemer Bro. Ralph E. Ullman

Living Past Masters (12/31/2014):

Bro. Robert R. Butterfoss Bro. William M. Thompson Bro. J. Christain Tatu
Bro. Ralph S. Seifert Bro. R. Gary Poole Bro. Brian R. Riegel
Bro. Walter C. Miller, Jr. Bro. Dale N. Sassaman Bro. Frederick J. Ritter, III
 Bro. David M. Koch Bro. Edwin J. Wieder Bro. Donald B. Houston
Bro. Donald B. Kreitz Bro. Eric W. Rosenberg, Sr. Bro. Michael Everly
Bro. Carl E. Hunsberger Bro. Larry W. Frey Bro. Frederick E. Everly, Jr.
Bro. Harry L. Burger Bro. Frederick R. Hitzel, Jr.  
Bro. Gary W. Heintzelman Bro. Benjamin F. Naska  
Bro. James A. Lezzeni Bro. Raimon R. Jones  
Bro. Herbert W. Nicolo Bro. John D. Kucher  

Several members of the Lodge have received high recognition in other appendant orders:  Bro. Edward E. Koonce was crowned an Honorary member of Supreme Council of the 33degree, A.A.S.R. in 1956; Bro. J. Gardner Pearsall also was crowned an Honorary member of Supreme Council of the 33degree, A.A.S.R. in 1970.  Bro. E. Ellsworth Deemer served as District Deputy Grand Master of the ninth Masonic District from 1966 to 1970.  He served as a Sovereign Prince of Lafayette Council, Prices of Jerusalem 1969-1970.  He was also awarded the Red Cross of Constantine in 1969;  Bro. Aaron S. Kroner served as Illustrious Potentate of Raja Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. in 1957; Bro. Russell R. Reichard received the Masonic Saints Award in 1984; and Bro. Lester H. Weaver was awarded the York Cross of Honor in 1986.

The membership of Prosperity Lodge at this time (January 2015) numbers 108.